Key Largo, Florida

We’re not going to lie: Key Largo (both the name of the town and the island it’s on) is slightly underwhelming at a glance. ‘Under’ is the keyword, as its main sights are under the water, rather than above. As you drive onto the islands, Key Largo resembles a long line of the low-lying hammock and strip development. But that’s just from the highway: head down a side road and duck into this warm little bar, or that converted Keys plantation house, and the island idiosyncrasies become more pronounced.
The 33-mile-long Largo, which starts at Mile Marker 106, is the longest island in the Keys, and those 33 miles have attracted a lot of marine life, all accessible from the biggest concentration of dive sites in the islands. The town of Tavernier (Mile Marker 93) is just south of the town of Key Largo.