Fort-De-France, Martinique

Fort-de-France, Martinique’s capital, has undergone an immense change in the past decade. Beginning the 21st century as an economically backward, dilapidated kind of place, the city has very successfully reinvented itself as a cruise-ship destination, with the construction of two impressive new terminals. More than that, Fort-de-France has rejuvenated its central park, given a coat of paint to many of its buildings and enhanced itself with several pieces of modern architecture. All this has served to breathe fresh life into the largest city in the French West Indies, and cruisers and travellers alike now flock to the place.
The obvious attraction is the fabulous Fort St-Louis, from which the city takes its name. Less obvious is the rich and engaging street life, the ubiquitous music and some excellent eating options. Even if you’ve come to Martinique for the beaches, you’ll be very glad to spend a day in Fort-de-France.