With cities and landmarks familiar from spy movies like the Bond, Bourne and Mission Impossible series, a trip to Eastern Europe is one you’ll want to savor.

The Baltic region including Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia is home to beautiful quaint cities full of staggering architecture. With a long and colourful history, a guided tour of the area is a great way to explore. The extraordinary Hill of Crosses is one of Lithuania’s most sacred holy sites and is regularly visited by pilgrims, including Pope John Paul II in 1993.

Further afield, and perhaps more off the regular tourist beaten-track, is stunning Armenia, one of the oldest Christian countries in the world with monasteries and cathedrals dating back to 301 A.D. Our expert English speaking guides take you to the monasteries, churches, museums and other sites in this fascinating country.

Russia remains as enigmatic and alluring as it was during the Cold War and with its warm and welcoming locals, incredible architecture, stunning cathedrals, and military history, Russia should be at the top of your “to do” list. With tours of the Kremlin in Moscow and Catherine Palace in St. Petersburg it is a holiday destination to remember.

With features including transfers on luxury coaches and knowledgeable guides offering guided excursions, a Travel Escapes escorted tour is the perfect way to explore the region.

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